Custom life size Kaws statue

In the area of street graffiti art, Kaws is one of the most famous street culture and fashion trends. The round head with two round bones inserted in it, have you ever seen such a cute skeleton! When Kaws was first created, this street culture was only belonging to quadratic element. Since 2006, when his designer, Brian Donnelly, cooperated with Medicom Toy, they start to make it into three dimension art. There are more designs of Kaws coming out and this image is getting more and more popular. Whether it’s a big 3-meter high statue or a mini one like a Kaws key chain, this image is very popular. While, its price is very high, even for a mini one. 


Wherever Kaws appears, it will blow a Kaws’ street art and culture fashion. There are some featured designs of Kaws sculpture, which are representative of street art. 


These black series are one of the Kaws at the Yorkshire sculpture park. In the first picture, Kaws is sitting on the lawn with head looking down and checking the stick in his hand. We can clearly see the symbol XX on his eyes, gloves and shoes. The big black bones are more like a pair of big ears. The Kaws’ body, like its arms, gloves, legs, shoes and round belly, has a feeling of Mickey Mouse due to Mr.Donnelly's working experience in Disney.






The most famous Kaws now has a half image of outside his body and half image of inside with some brain and internal organs painted by bright colors. Also with half of two bones and half of symbol XX on his face.









The following pictures show the Kaws in Shanghai. And with Kaw's most classic elements, they are huge Kaws about 7 meters high.  



7-kaws pinocchio.png 


Brian Donnelly loves to combine many classic elements and add them into many new street arts, which is given a brand new look. All his works are with Kaws' symbolic element which it's the two XX on eyes. The Bearbrick is another popular image and he has a cute round bear shape. Also with XX, round belly and round ears, this Bearbrick became popular immediately. 




Following collections are Kaws that are combined with famous cartoon images. 







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