The Meaning of Laughing Buddha Statue and the Right Place We Should Put

For happy Buddhas, many people always have two doubts. one is that“what is the meaning of laughing Buddha statue?” Another is“where to place laughing Buddha statue in the house?”Here I would like to answer your question in this article.

In Buddhism, each Buddha has its own image and meaning. Such as Manjusri, when people think her,their mind will show the image that she holds the sword and rides on the back of lion. She represents the wisdom. The sword in her hand can cut off some difficulties, distress. He is also called "future Buddha". I do believe you can often find him in homes, restaurants, places of business, garden and so on.So what about his image? What is the meaning of the laughing Buddha?


1.The Meaning of Laughing Buddha Statue

The Laughing Buddha can be shown with different symbols, Here I will describe from happiness , health and wealth.



Whoever you are, I do believe when you go to temple for travel or blessing.You will see a Buddha, who is bald and has a big fat tummy. He is always happy,thereby the name the“Laughing Buddha”.Fat laughing Buddha always show the kind smile to people. Those who worship in the temple, whether they are upset or sad, their heart will be happy and peaceful at the sight of happy Buddha. Many claim he makes problems disappear. Keeping the Laughing Buddha in the home ensures a happy home. Who does not want to be happy?


According to the story of Maitreya Buddha, The reincarnation of“Budai”Monk. He is always carrying a bag to beg a meal. Whatever people give them,he never mind. Many children ofen deliberately play jokes on him. They put their stones into the bag or small fish, which taboo for monk.But he was not angry, but also smile to the children and accept the things. Even some adults tease him, he still does not change the smile. You may think that why he did this? It is because that he can comprehend the pain of people and give joy to all human. Maitreya show the spirit of tolerance and wisdom, humor, happiness.

If we learn to understand and bear with other people in life, I do believe happiness will surround you. Or we can say“the bigger your tummy is,the more your happiness have.”



Maitreya is also known as the“future Buddha”,means tomorrow and hope, so at birthday of Maitreya. You can set fire to a long light, It is not only bless Maitreya’ birthday, but also contains the meaning of longevity, peace and auspicious .



Also a laughing Buddha with a wealth ball would be a good choice. The wealth ball is meant to attract prosperity.If this is your goal you should purchase a Laughing Buddha statue with gold nuggets. Some statues include a pot of gold, others a bag filled with gold nuggets. The wealth ball is meant to attract prosperity.


2.The Styles of Buddha

(1)Laughing Buddha with children statue


Many marble or stone statues show the Laughing Buddha surrounded by children. The most common number of children is five.


Happy Buddha Statue With Children.jpg

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(2)standing laughing Buddha with hands up
Also a laughing Buddha with a wealth ball would be a good choice. The wealth ball is meant to attract prosperity.


standing laughing Buddha with hands up.jpg

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(3)Sitting Happy Buddha Statue Garden
It can be a a beautiful landscaping for a city or garden.


Sitting Happy Buddha Statue Garden.jpg

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(4)Smiling Buddha Statue with Bag
Before reincarnation, Actually his name was Quieci. But everyone called him“Budai”.He was supposedly a Buddhist Zen monk who lived in China over a thousand years ago.


Smiling Buddha Statue with Bag.jpg

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3.where should laughing Buddha statue be placed
(1)Buddha statues are generally placed in the hall
Buddha invited can not be placed in the bedroom. It will not only affect people's sleep, It is also not disrespectful to the Buddha. Buddha can be placed in the hall, but the Buddha can not be on both sides of the door or aisle, If that, it is easy to bring bad luck to home or business.

(2)Buddha should be placed in a clean and quite place
Buddha can not be set in the the entrance of door or on the wall of door, because it is very noisy for Buddha. Toilet door and storage room entrance is also need to be avoided, these places are dirty for Buddha.All these situations are easy to bring quarrel and dispute among family.

(3)Quite place

In addition to a appropriate height for Buddha.It is also suitable for the place, where is quiet, clean and tidy. The place near shrines or gods should not have audio, television and other things.

(4)Don't face toward bed

Don’t let your Buddha face toward the bed, table, Kitchen, toilet.Because the Buddha can not see meat, fish and indelicate behavior. If conditions are limited, you have to place the shrine or God in the bedroom, please use yellow curtain to cover him when you sleep.

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