Garden Marble fountain

A marble fountain is a necessary decor for a garden whether for lavish house or your backyard. A well designed marble fountain shows a tasty of the host and this also can parallel the overall style of your garden. When its in the hot and dry summer you will be very pleased to sit in your garden with a cool flowing water fountain. Sometimes a beautiful garden fountain can easily change your mood and relax your mental. Sitting or walking around a fountain in your garden will give you a more quality life.

We collected 5 popular style of marble fountains and have a brief introduction of them.

1.Marble pool fountain

This kind of fountain have a large pool and put a fountain and statue in the center. This maybe have 2 or 3 layers and some stone statues. The marble pool fountain can be a classic or a modern style such as human figure fountain, animal statue fountain, simple modern fountain. This pool fountain is the most popular for garden fountain.


2.Marble pedestal fountain

This marble pedestal fountain is a rather small one which can put indoor and in the small yards. A pillar will be used to support the whole fountain and there are pots to store water in the middle of this pillar. As they don’t have a big pool in the bottom many people prepare to put one or a pair of marble pedestal fountain in the inner of house. Put a pair of low pedestal fountains in the front porch can be a good choice. Many choose to place a small pedestal fountain in their living room.


3.Marble wall fountain

Marble wall fountains always are put in the wall of a garden. This can be used as a sink in the garden. There are some modern marble wall fountains. The modern style is kind of a marble board in the wall and water flow from the top along marble wall which looks like a water wall. Many hotel and villa love to use the modern wall fountain to decorate the hall.



4.Stone ball fountain

Stone ball fountain is also well-known as Fengshui fountain, the ball can spin when you plug-in electric. It can be found in the center of city and home or business company. It not only can make air wet, but also stands for good luck.



5.Cascade fountain

If you have a rather large garden you can consider to choose a cascade fountain cause this will take more place. A big cascade fountain will be more magnificent and luxury. The water comes down along the fountain from the highest to the downwards.
There are also small cascade fountains which are a little higher and the courtyard style water fountain. If your garden is more likely a country style this small water fountain is a best choice for you.


Many people always have a question that how to choose a suitable fountain. I want to say that you should figure out which place do you want to put the fountain and the size of you space. We should always select the fountain in accordance with the space available and the aesthetic feeling of the whole garden. If you want a garden fountain you can rough calculate the size of your garden and usually we will put the fountain in the center. Besides of the size you can choose the style and the elements you love and just match the whole style of your garden. Whats more you should remember that the water fountain should install at a solid ground which can make the fountain more stable and have a longer service life.

For all stone garden fountains we should remember to maintain and clean them regularly. Clean the dirt, dust and leaves can prevent the motor and pump from block or other damage. And check the water level of your fountain cause a low water level is bad for your motor. And marble fountain requires more protections. We can use the professional marble cleaner to clean the surface of fountain. You need to protect them from acid as any acid solution will corrode your marble fountain which will make the carved patterns blurry and have a very bad looking. So you should remember not to use any acidic cleaner.

Here are some part of  marble fountain project cases for our customer  








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