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Why to be our agents?

We have developed a comprehensive training program for our agents, including: product knowledge, marketing knowledge, market knowledge, etc.

In order to help agents to better carry out online and offline marketing activities, we provide free brand albums, product albums, promotional posters and other designs.

In order to better display the brand image, we provide agents with free office and showroom design

Rapidly help agents to build network sales channels, rapid local establishment of perfect amount of network marketing channels

We will continue to allocate quality customer resources in their areas to the agents free of charge.

Exclusive new products will be developed for the agent channel every quarter with special discounts

Who can be our agents?

01 Interior Design Company
02 Landscape Designing Company
03 Architecture Company
04 Dealer
05 Contractor
06 Lighting Company

How be our agents?

Please contact us for details.

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