Discover world-famous park artworks: a global sculpture tour

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Park sculptures are not only an important element of urban beautification, but also a carrier of cultural and artistic expression. Parks around the world are dotted with stunning works of art, sculptures that not only attract visitors but also carry deep historical and cultural connotations. Let’s embark on a global sculpture tour to visit some of the most iconic park artworks.


1.Uzbekistan’s “War Memorial Park

In the Victory Park of Uzbekistan, the bronze relief commemorating the soldiers of World War II was carefully crafted by Vincentaa, a well-known sculpture manufacturer in China, and is very representative. The entire project includes 14 general statues 6-7 meters high, and two magnificent reliefs 40 meters long and 4 meters high. The central alley of the park is home to a group of sculptures of heroes and war participants. One of the sculptures depicts a hero who commanded a large army and achieved great military achievements in the battle. Vincentaa’s skillful craftsmanship gives life and soul to these bronze works, allowing every visitor to deeply feel the weight of history and the charm of art.

2.“Miro Sculpture” in Barcelona, Spain

Located in Montjuïc Park near the Fundació Joan Miró, this sculpture is the work of the famous Spanish artist Joan Miró. Filled with Miro’s signature abstract style and bright colors, the sculpture is a masterpiece of modern art.


3.“Statue of David” in Florence, Italy

Although the original of Michelangelo’s David is located in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, a copy can also be seen in the open air of Piazza della Signoria. This sculpture symbolizes the perfection of human body aesthetics and the artistic achievements of the Renaissance.


4. “Love Sculpture” in Tokyo, Japan

The “LOVE” sculpture located in Shinjuku Central Park was created by American artist Robert Indiana. The sculpture is one of his famous series, with distinctive red letters forming the word “LOVE”, symbolizing love and peace.

5.“War and Peace” in Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

Chapultepec Park is one of the largest urban parks in Latin America. The “War and Peace” sculpture group was created by the famous Mexican artist Juan Agustin Anaia (Juan O’Gorman). With its strong visual impact and profound symbolic meaning, this group of sculptures expresses the cruelty of war and the preciousness of peace.



6.The “Bronze Horseman” of St. Petersburg, Russia

This sculpture located in the Senate Square in St. Petersburg is a masterpiece commemorating Peter the Great and was created by the French sculptor Étienne Maurice Falconet. The sculpture depicts the scene of Peter the Great conquering the boulder on horseback and is an important historical and cultural symbol of St. Petersburg.



7.”Moonlight” at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia

The “Moonlight” sculpture in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney is the work of the famous Australian sculptor Woody Duke. The sculpture adopts a modern and simple design style, using the image of the Moonlight Goddess to symbolize the beauty of nature and the power of women. The sculpture blends perfectly with the surrounding natural landscape, forming a unique landscape.



These world-famous park sculptures not only display the unique cultural and artistic achievements of various countries, but also reflect the creativity and pursuit of beauty of artists. Through these artworks, we can have a deeper understanding of the history and culture of different countries and regions, and at the same time, we can feel the shock and inspiration that art brings to us. Whether you’re an art lover or a cultural explorer, these park sculptures are worth checking out.


Vincent Du ( Founder & CEO)

Vincent Du ( Founder & CEO)

“We are not only making sculpturesbut we are also committed to make morespace more artistic.”


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