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Bronze sculpture, as an ancient and vibrant art form, has always been loved and respected by people. In the world of copper sculpture art, Vincentaa Sculpture Factory plays an important role. Here, copper materials are given new life and transformed into amazing works of art after a series of fine processing and treatments. We are not only a production space, but also the heart of the inheritance and development of bronze sculpture art.


What is the basic process for making bronze sculptures?

In Vincentaa factory, the production of bronze sculptures will have the following links:

Design stage: Artists carefully draw sketches or make models of bronze sculptures based on the creative theme and personal needs.

Mold making: According to the design drawings, the inner and outer molds of the copper sculpture are made. This is a key step in determining the shape of the work.

Casting process: Pour molten copper into the mold. After it cools, the preliminary shape of the copper sculpture appears.

Polishing and Trimming: Craftsmen carefully polish and trim the bronze sculptures to ensure a smooth and detailed surface.

Surface treatment: According to the requirements of the work, surface treatments such as gold plating and coloring are performed to enhance the artistic effect.

Assembly link: carefully assemble the various parts of the bronze sculpture together to form a complete work.

What innovations does the Vincentaa factory have in terms of casting technology?

Our workers are constantly innovating in casting technology to improve the fineness and artistic expression of the works. For example, lost wax casting can produce more detailed and complex bronze sculptures. In addition, the factory also uses numerical control technology (CNC) to make molds, as well as 3D scanning and printing technology to reproduce or enlarge the original model. These technologies have significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of copper sculpture production.

 How to skillfully handle the surface effect of copper materials?

Craftsmen use various techniques such as chemical etching, grinding, polishing, electroplating, thermal coloring, etc. to create diverse visual effects. Through these techniques, the copper surface can form unique textures and rich color variations, making each piece unique.

How to ensure the durability and corrosion resistance of copper sculptures?

First of all, workers will choose high-quality copper materials, and thoroughly clean and anti-rust the works after casting. For bronze sculptures installed outdoors, the factory will also apply a special anti-corrosion coating to protect the works from severe weather.

How do you deal with the assembly and installation challenges of large-scale works?

Faced with the challenges of assembling and installing large-scale bronze sculptures, Vincentaa’s workers adopted a series of precise plans and measures. Factories often adopt a modular design, with large works divided into parts that are cast separately and then assembled on site. During the installation process, the factory uses professional lifting equipment and precise measuring tools to ensure that each part can be accurately connected, and takes strict safety measures to ensure the safety of workers and works.

In the field of bronze sculpture, Vincentaa not only innovates in artistic creation but also pursues excellence in product production through unremitting technological innovation and practical exploration. These professional production knowledge and skills make the bronze sculptures we produce not only have artistic value, but also have high technical content and practicality.


Vincent Du ( Founder & CEO)

Vincent Du ( Founder & CEO)

“We are not only making sculpturesbut we are also committed to make morespace more artistic.”


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