The difference between Vincentaa as a sculpture manufacturer and ordinary manufacturers

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As a brand with 15 years of sculpture manufacturing experience, Vincentaa is constantly improving its brand strength while providing production and manufacturing services to customers. Different from general sculpture manufacturers, Vincentaa is changing our view of the relationship between art and space with its comprehensive art services, tailor-made design concepts, precise cost control and professional installation services.

So what are the differences between the Vincentaa brand and ordinary sculpture manufacturers:


Comprehensive art services:

Vincentaa is not just a sculpture manufacturing factory, but has developed into a company that provides comprehensive art services and products. They focus on the application of art in urban development, and through cooperation with artists around the world, they maintain sensitivity to the development of art and lead the use of sculpture in various fields of urban development.

Original 3D design:

As a sculpture manufacturer with its own brand, Vincentaa has an excellent team of 3D original design. Designers will create basic models in 3D software, show them to customers and get feedback, adjust the design based on the feedback, refine the model to add details and materials, convert the design into manufacturable data, preview the sculpture through data visualization, and finally complete the delivery after the customer’s acceptance to ensure that the requirements are met.

Accurate cost control:

Vincentaa will work closely with customers in the project to understand the project goals and budget constraints, provide appropriate design and material selection according to the customer’s budget requirements, and ensure that the recommended products meet the budget requirements. If the budget is exceeded, we will adjust the materials or cost control to adapt to the budget constraints. In addition, we will communicate with customers regularly to update the budget status. Through these measures, we ensure that the project is completed efficiently within the budget and provide value beyond expectations.


Professional installation and after-sales service:

Vincentaa provides a complete range of sea and air transportation methods, as well as a professional installation team to ensure that the sculpture can arrive at the destination safely and on time and be perfectly installed. Our installation team has many years of project experience and has successfully installed sculptures in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Uzbekistan. We are able to provide seamless transportation and installation services regardless of the location of the project. The installation process is handled by our professional team, who will perform appropriate installation according to the type and environment of the sculpture to ensure that the sculpture is firmly installed in the intended location.

In summary, as a sculpture manufacturer, Vincentaa’s main feature that distinguishes it from ordinary sculpture manufacturers is the one-stop artistic service they provide: customization capabilities, original 3D design, cost control capabilities, and professional installation and after-sales services. These features together constitute Vincentaa’s unique competitive advantage in the field of sculpture manufacturing.


Vincent Du ( Founder & CEO)

Vincent Du ( Founder & CEO)

“We are not only making sculpturesbut we are also committed to make morespace more artistic.”


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